Window Nets

Schroth's Window nets are a perfect comprimise between visibility and safety. They can be installed with or without welding, using the included hose clamps.

Available in two sizes and three colors, these nets are side specific. Size I is 16"x16" and size II is 20"x18.5".

Now available in Red!

Meets SFI 27.1 and FIA J253.11

Price: $ 60.00 - 295.00

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Schroth Right Side Net

SCHROTH offers this high quality Right Side Driver's Net for the best in driver safety. Attaches to the cage of your race car. Made of polyester, these nets will last longer than competitor's nylon nets - Polyester is not as susceptible to UV degradation over time.

We view Right Side Nets (also called "Cage Nets") as a mandatory piece of safety equipment. In an impact, the body moves forward 6-8 inches. This is normal and quite necessary because to prevent injury, the harnesses stretch to decelerate the body. If you are in an offset impact (an impact that is not straight on) there are high lateral forces that will move you side to side. If you do not have a Right Side Net, it is very easy for the body to wrap around the side of the seat when the harnesses have stretched.

A Right Side Net prevents this by guiding your head and shoulders back into the seat keeping you from painful injury.

Please note, this used to be an SFI rated product, but is now FIA.

  • FIA Homologation
Part Description Price Purchase
sr 09069-FIA Right Side Net (FIA) $145.00