Rallye Cross

The Rallye Cross is the most basic harness we sell. There are no quick disconnects between the front and rear sections, just 4 straps that all bolt or wrap directly to the car. It is a 4 point harness with Schroth's patented ASM technology, which makes it a safe 4 point belt. What differentiates it from a Rallye 3 or 4 is the shoulder straps.

Where a Rallye 3 or 4 has a quick disconnect buckle between the front section of the harness and the tailstrap, the Rallye Cross has two independant shoulder straps that go straight to the mounting point. The mounting point can be either wrap or bolt, the most common being wrapped around a harnessbar.

This harness is perfect for someone who's still using stock seats, but wants a safe harness solution for track driving in a car where access to the back seat is not necessary, or in cars with no backseats to begin with. Please notice, that the harness attachment points for the shoulder straps must be structural! They cannot be just bolted to sheet metal, or to child seat anchors. They must be properly reinforced.

If you have a question regarding the installation of a Rallye Cross, please do not hesitate to call us.

Please Note: In light of recent testing, Rallye Cross harnesses are no longer sided. In other words, there is no longer a specific Left or Right side Rallye Cross. This harness is not compatible with HANS or any other head and neck restraint devices.  This harness is not approved for all vehicles and may exceeded the maximum shoulder strap downward angle recommended by Schroth. 

  • Schroth Installation and Operating Instructions for Rallye Belts


    FMVSS 209 Specification


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