Sleeves for Bolt In Brackets

The ideal situation for Bolt In harnesses is when the bracket can pivot on the bolt to allow for perfect geometry. This pivot action allows the force applied on the webbing to dictate the orientation of the bolt in bracket achieving the desired orientation of the bracket.

Sleeves must be used in conjunction with a washer on one side. See picture of assembled bolt in setup. Sleeves are available in different sizes for different bolts. Note if you are using a B24 bracket, you will need the sleeve specific to that bracket. This is true unless you need a 7/16" Bolt. In this case use an SG11 Bolt that has a shoulder for use with the B24.

Part Number Hole Size Notes Price Purchase
SR S64 SR S64 3/8" / M10 $2.70
SR S64-B24 SR S64-B24 3/8" / M10 B24 Bracket Only $3.75
SR S65 SR S65 7/16" / M10 $2.70
SR S65L SR S65L 7/16" / M10 B24 Bracket Only $2.95