Street Legal Harnesses

ECE-R 16.04 / DOT-FMVSS 209 approvals

SCHROTH street legal harness belts are unique in their ability to be installed to factory provided mounting points along with the factory provided seat belts. SCHROTH harness belts meet all certification requirements by the German TÜV, ECE-R 16.04 and US-DOT FMVSS 209 for use on public roads. Each belt comes with complete installation and operating instructions. If your vehicle is listed in the included Vehicle Reference List the installation has been tested and appoved with the stock seat or the listed aftermarket seats.

SCHROTH QuickFit harnessbelts have the make and model of the applicable car printed on the tail strap label.Unlike most other aftermarket harness belts, most SCHROTH street legal harness belts have a unique disconnect feature between the front part of the harness and the rear tail strap. When you are not using the SCHROTH street legal harness belts, they can be stored out of the way allowing complete access for all passengers and full use of all factory seat belts.