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SHR Flex

SHR FLEX the new Frontal Head Restraint from SCHROTH. Designed for optimum safety, comfort, and ease of use. Simple Sizing - only two sizes - Medium (up to 16") neck and Large. You can use a large even if your neck is smaller to give more room over a collar bone. Angle Independent - the small, low collar works perfectly with any seating angle and does not interfere with the seatback. The articulating collar rises in an impact to create the optimum tether angle......

SHR Flex Helmet Hardware

Helmet hardware for use with the SCHROTH SHR Flex device.

SFI 16.5 Profi III-6

The Benchmark Harness by which all others are judged. The Profi III is available in different configurations to suit each driver's setup and preference. It features a T-bar sub strap setup where the two sub straps are attached to one bracket that connects to the cam-lock. This setup makes it easy to get into the belt once you cram yourself into the car. Lap and Sub points bolt in, and the shoulders wrap......

SFI 16.5 Formula III

Formula style belts have long been used in situations where there is not a lot of space. The sub straps on this style harness feed through D-rings sewn to the lap belts and then wrap around the latch hardware for the shoulder belts. This abscence of a T-bar allows the driver to comfortably squeeze into tighter spaces. Comes with HANS specific shoulder belts giving you optimized performance when using the HANS Device......

SFI 16.5 Hybrid III

The pinnacle of Harness technology available today. Features the Hybrid Style sub straps giving a direct transfer of force from the sup straps to cam lock. This keeps the lap belt low in an impact which keeps you where you need to be - in the seat. Available with no in-line lap adjuster in the 40094 model, which features standard 3" shoulderbelts for those drivers not using a HANS device. The 40095 model adds the HANS Specific 2" shoulder belts to the mix, giving optimized performance with the HANS device......